Friday, October 26, 2012

Chamique Holdsclaw's Breaking Through: Beating The Odds Shot after Shot

Chamique Holdsclaw and I have a special connection that only a few people know about. The connection happened during my sophomore year of college. I don't believe I have ever spoken publicly about this. Chamique probably don't even remember this because she is "Chamique Holdsclaw".

Chamique is the reason for my one and only ESPN highlight. I was going up for a lay up and out of no where-- Chamique blocked my shot. When my teammates saw that on ESPN, you know they teased me.

Oh well, when I read that Chamique had written a book about her life and her struggles with depression, I had to get it. She entered Tennessee as a freshman the same year I entered at Memphis. This was the time frame Tennessee Lady Vols basketball team was on fire winning back-to-back-to-back national championships. So getting this book meant I could learn what was going on behind the scenes at the college program.

Boy did I learn so much more. I learned just how much Chamique Holdsclaw and I related and how she went from a New York kid living in the projects to a super star at Tennessee and the WNBA and then disappearing from the scene and why.

This is an AWESOME book for every girls basketball player, fan, and coach!

Breaking Through: Beating The Odds Shot after Shot (Volume 1)

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