Monday, August 6, 2012

Top 100 Girls Club Teams 2012 Travel Season

Memphis Elite Daniels made the list as one of the Top Club teams for 2012 at #68. Other regional teams on the list include Tennessee Flight (1), Arkansas Mavericks (20), and Pure Sweat Elite (74). The list was generated by The National Women's Basketball Insider. The top 10 teams include:

1. Tennessee Flight (TN)
2. Boo Williams (VA)  
3. Cal Sparks Gold (CA)
4. Team Concept (OR)
5. Sports City U (OH)
6. Arizona Warriors (AZ)
7. Georgia Metros (GA)
8. Cy Fair Nike (TX)
9. Mac Irvin GodFather (IL)
10. Miami Suns Fowles (FL)

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  1. Nina Davis, Memphis Central, was a key member of the Number 1 TN Flight team. She was aggressive on the board (this was a very undersized Flight team), accurate at the free throw line, usually matched up to a key player taller and wider than she and hit crucial shots to spur the team. Thanks Memphis for sharing this awesome player with the Flight! She deserves major praise for the Flight's number 1 ranking. Thanks for the memories Nina!


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