Wednesday, August 17, 2011

7 Reasons to participate in a Girls Basketball Fall Fest Event

Fundamental Intensity Camp * Fall Exposure League * Pre-Season Show Off Camp

Location: All events are held in the spacious Ridgeway Baptist Church Family life
Christian Center 2 court facility.

Days of Events: All events are hosted on Saturdays.

Development: At the Fundamental Intensity Camp, you will pick up new skills and moves from Former University of Memphis Lady Tiger player and Hutchison Coach, Patosha Jeffery, and special guests

Exposure: During the 4-week Fall Exposure League and Pre-Season Show Off Camp, you will have up to 6 times to play in front of Division 1, 2, 3, Junior College and Community College coaches, scouts, and recruiting media including Patosha Jeffery, publisher of and operator of events. This is great for young players to get their name out and for seniors to get additional opportunities to show off their skills.

Recognition: All players will be recognized on both and, the Mid-South's number 1 spot college coaches go to for
the latest information on memphis girls basketball information and college prospects.

Competition: Young players gain experience against older players. Older players
get to build their resume and reputation as the next top player in Memphis.

Recruitment: Development (Intensity Camp) + Exposure (Fall Exposure League/Pre-
Season Show Off Camp) = Recruitment and Scholarship offers!!!

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